Vector CAG & Schneider Electric team up to host DNP3 Protocol Seminars

Vector and Schneider Electric will be hosting two seminars about DNP3 Protocol and how it is rapidly replacing todays standard protocol, “Modbus”. The seminars will be a half day each, one in San Marcos on April 1st and one in Houston on April 2nd. Click HERE for more details and to register.

Vector CAG announces exclusive Representation for PLT Mag Gage covering Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas & Missouri

Vector is proud to announce its new exclusive agreement with PLT to offer complete level measurement solutions. According to Chris Fournet, Sr. Application Specialist for Vector, “PLT has always made the best Level Gage products in the area. Their quality, service and availability are unmatched. We are excited to represent them and assist our customers with complete level packages.”

Vector CAG announces Representation for Viatran covering all of Texas & New Mexico

Vector CAG has partnered with Viatran (a Dynisco business) for all industries in Texas and New Mexico. According to Jared Boudreaux, President of Vector, “Viatran is the leader in providing pressure and level transmitters, particularly in the Upstream business. At Vector, we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with their sales, engineering support and manufacturing team that has been known for providing high quality products and customer service for over 50 years.”

See the Viatron Product Pages

Compass Controls & Instrumentation announces merger with Vector CAG

Compass Controls & Instrumentation and Vector Controls and Automation Group announce a merger to offer a unique package of products, services and experience to its customers in process control and automation

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Vector CAG now US representative for Icon intelligent scientific analysis products

Vector CAG has signed on with Icon to help bring their CloudPoint, FreezePoint, FlashPoint, VapourPressure and ColourOpacity solutions to the US market

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