Icon Scientific Launches New Viscometer Analyser

Icon Scientific, the new leader in physical properties analysis for midstream and downstream production, has launched a brand new Viscometer product that joins its expanding range of world-leading process analysers.

Offering a highly accurate and repeatable measurement that determines the dynamic viscosity of a liquid, Viscometer’s flexible operation enables a range of petroleum products to be measured within the repeatability criteria of ASTM D445, including lube oils, lube oil stocks, biodiesel and fuel oils. Kinematic viscosity can also be calculated.

Viscometer’s reliable viscosity measurement is calculated by measuring the differential pressure across a capillary tube held at a constant temperature. Precise temperature control is achieved by immersing the measuring capillary in a small stirred heated oil bath. Viscometer can accommodate a wide range of pressures and temperatures at the inlet and can return sample direct to the process; the use of variable speed metering pump means the single capillary tube can be adapted for the wide range of viscosity measurements required by different products.

By offering an extensive range of measuring temperatures and sample inlet and outlet conditions, the need for additional sample handling components is minimised – enabling Viscometer’s overall system architecture to be streamlined for a more reliable measurement.

Viscometer boasts icon’s next-generation analyser design that integrates a state-of-the-art touchscreen user interface into a robust, explosion-proof housing.

A widescreen graphical user interface, and software that features a wide range of auto validation, calibration and in-built diagnostic options, makes operation simple. Alarm condition may be allocated as active or inactive, with alarms notified on screen and stored in an alarm history. Active alarms can be set to activate a warning alarm contact for notification, or a fatal alarm contact to suspend operation.

Digital control options include Wired Modbus RTU (RS485) and Modbus RTU over Ethernet (TC/IP) available as standard. OPC (wired) is also available.

Viscometer is certified to the latest ATEX, IECEx and TIIS (Japan) standards and is suitable for zone 1 or zone 2 uses, and is ETL listed for the USA and Canada Class 1 Div1 Group CD, depending on application.

“Accuracy is crucial when determining a product’s resistance to flow, with even minor measurement errors potentially costing producers hundreds of thousands of dollars if a blend adjustment is made,” says Kevin Fogarty, Managing Director, Icon Scientific.

“By engineering our optimised measurement technology on a proven testing method, Viscometer delivers an exceptionally accurate and trustworthy measurement.

For more information about viscometer visit: www.iconscientific.com/viscometer 

Vector CAG & E+H team up to provide you greater efficiency on the well pad

Greater efficiency on the well pad reduces operating expenses while increasing production.

Understanding your challenges and providing the solutions you need.

Personnel in oil and gas production face several challenges preventing them from efficiently managing their facilities. Through the use of innovative, reliable technologies such as instrumentation, operators can gain valuable insight to key variables impacting the well pad.

Increased operational efficiency  With the current market conditions, operational efficiency has become even more important in your existing well heads. This also showcases a greater need…..


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Industry First for Icon’s Cloud Point Analyzer

In an industry first, Icon Scientific, a world leader in process physical property analyzers is celebrating five years of consecutive use of one of its first Cloud Point analyzers, installed in a French refinery in 2010. Read the full PRESS RELEASE

Vector as Endress+Hauser’s exclusive Houston representative

Now the single-source provider of products, services and solutions for all industrial industries


Effective April 1, 2015, Vector Controls and Automation Group and Endress+Hauser will be teaming up to provide customers with a single-source supplier for all sales, service and solutions in all markets and industries across the greater Houston area. This is in addition to Vector CAG’s coverage throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and portions of Illinois, Arkansas and Texas.

 “As our guiding success principal, we feel it is important that we continue to develop long-term, exclusive and intensely more aligned relationships with our key suppliers,” says Jared Boudreaux, President, Vector CAG. “We are very excited for this opportunity that our Endress+Hauser partner has entrusted with Vector CAG.”

 An unrivaled offering

 This strategic realignment between Endress+Hauser and Vector CAG means an unrivaled offering of products, services and solutions for their customers across all industries including oil and gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, water/wastewater, primaries and metals, life sciences, power and energy.

 Added value for customers

 Through offering a diversified portfolio, Vector CAG can provide its customers with a single, trusted advisor to solve any problems they are faced with in the industry. This also means additional capabilities to support customers’ service needs.

 “Endress+Hauser strongly believes in order for our organization to thrive and be successful in the local markets we serve, we must continue to over-proportionally invest in our representatives,” says Kevin Bischoping, VP of Sales, Endress+Hauser.”