Level Accuracy

Vector Success Story – Level Accuracy

Recently, a systems integration customer in New Mexico who specializes in oil pad automation, monitoring and hosting, started experiencing issues with their hydrostatic level for tank batteries – crude, water and gun barrel tanks. The weight of the product was causing fluctuations in measurement readings, overflows and loss of accuracy.

Two of our top salesmen in West Texas and New Mexico, were able to provide a Digital Level Sensor solution. The Electrolab, Inc. Digital Level Sensor provides measurement of fluid levels within a tank. Adding a single control unit allowed the customer to have continuous monitoring on their tank batteries. In addition to Vector’s involvement in the project, Electrolab was extremely helpful in assisting with the application. Their representative came out to New Mexico twice to visit the customer on-site. As a result, the customer was extremely pleased with the service and value Vector and our partners, Electrolab, Inc., were able to provide and, the project was finalized with the purchase of twenty 16ft DLS sticks and five 20ft DLS sticks.

The partnership type relationship with the customer and Electrolab, Inc. is one of many reasons why Vector is consistently able to provide high-level, total solutions.

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The Value of Partnering

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