Viatran’s Chemical Resistance Submersible Level Transmitter

For those that need a versatile one-piece solution for their level measurement application, the 59Y Series has just been released by Viatran. The series consists of five Submersible Level Transmitters  designed to meet the challenges of liquid level measurement in a wide range of viscous, harsh or aggressive fluid media, one of which is the ‘Chemical Resistance Transmitter’.

Model 59C – Chemical Resistance:

Designed specifically to withstand aggressive media, its high purity ceramic sensor and PP or PVDF housing counter liquids that may otherwise be destructive. Use it to measure Liquid Level and Depth for Water and Waste Water applications, at Lift Stations, In-ground / Above Ground Tanks and with Inventory Tank Gauging.

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Vector CAG announces Representation for Agar Corporation covering all of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri

Vector CAG has partnered with Agar Corporation, (a Process Measurement & Control Solutions Company) for all industries in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas & Missouri. Agar is a leading pioneer of non-nuclear, versatile, multi-phase flow meters used to optimize oil well testing and production, providing innovative solutions for upstream and downstream applications such as:

  • Heavy oil well testing
  • Waste water treatment
  • Automatic tank dewatering
  • Desalters
  • Gas liquid foam control

In addition to multi-phase flow meters, Agar Corporation incorporates solutions & applications with Vector Controls’ other product lines including instrumentation products related to hydrocarbon measurement.

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Viatran introduces a submersible level transmitter with a twist!

Allowing for a quick sensor swap without the removal of the installed cable, the Viatran Model 590 DLT is a submersible transmitter specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of liquid measurement. The ability to detach the sensor can be an enormous time saver when or if it’s ever needed.

*No special tools are required*

  • Simply pull up the sensor
  • Twist the sensor coupling sleeve till it is no longer engaged
  • Then separate the two halves.

It can be used to measure liquid level and depth for Water and Waste Water applications, at

  • Lift Stations
  • Reservoirs and Dams
  • Rivers
  • Holding Ponds
  • Wells
  • In-ground / Above Ground Tanks and with Inventory Tank Gauging.

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Flare Process Flow Diagram

Flaring is a controlled process of burning natural gas in the course of routine oil and gas production operation.

See how Vector can help with flare operations by viewing our interactive Flare Process Flow Diagram.

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Do you know if your Propane is dry?

No matter where you live, in cold weather or during pressure reducing operations, water can freeze. The resulting ice can impair the operation of,

or even damage valves, pumps, piping low points and regulators leading to costly downtime.


Use of the Valve Freeze Test Kit is a quick and easy way to prevent problems downstream.


Viatran LPG Freeze Valve Test Kit:  

  • Simple – No complex equipment or additional chemical tests needed
  • Portable – 8 inches by 1 inch, less than 2 pounds
  • Reliable – Designed to meet ASTM, ISO,GOST and JLPGA standards
  • Available – Units are stocked and ready to ship same day
  • Repairable – Repair service is available from Viatran


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