Odor Control Made EASY!



How effective is your current Odor Control Solution?

Vector CAG & Syneco Systems have partnered to bring you the best overall odor control solution – PEACEMAKER ODOR CONTROL SYSTEM

  • Designed and sized correctly for each application
  • No ducting costs
  • Cost effective
  • Small Footprint

The Syneco Solution is the simple “set it and forget it” approach for your H2S odor situation!

Vector CAG can help!


Vector CAG & Opti-Float bring you a revolutionary Liquid Level Detector!

The OPTI-FLOAT Liquid Level Detector


Combining new technology with a familiar device, the Opti-Float Liquid Level Detector is a revolutionary innovation in discrete level detectors.

  • Made of safe, recyclable materials.
  • Mercury and lead free
  • Built to last for years of service
  • Rated for over 12,000,000 operations.
  • Uses no electrical wires to connect to the external control panel.

So now, for the first time, floats can be used directly, without special equipment, in hazardous locations!