Refinery Sector Rule: Reductions from Storage Tanks, Catalytic Reforming Units, and Delayed Coking Units


New Rule:


Storage vessels with smaller capacities and lower vapor pressure content must implement certain requirements to control emissions previously applicable only to larger and higher-pressure material storage vessels.

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New Analytical Solutions – Cobra Sampling



Vector Controls & Automation Group’s Analytical Solutions team is expanding their portfolio and is proud to offer the full line of Cobra Sampling Systems in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Located in Houston, Texas, Cobra Sampling, Inc. is dedicated to developing the most effective and most efficient gas and liquid samplers available. Working closely with our customers, sampling is made simpler and safer through designs that ensure emissions-free sampling that protects the operator as well as the environment.

Cobra’s sampler design and manufacturing company are among the best in the world, and they have quickly established themselves as one of the leading lights in the field. Their reputation is based on consistency in reliability and flexibility in design, ensuring our clients are 100% satisfied every time and  can have 100% confidence in their Cobra-designed gas or liquid sampler.

Refinery Sector Rule Series


The Refinery Sector Rule was signed September 2015, was effective on January 30 or February 1, 2016 depending on the rule section, is being litigated and amendments have been proposed. For existing plants, the compliance date is February 1, 2019.

Are you ready?

Below is a summary of the RSR and following this post will be a series of prime examples of the solutions Vector Controls & Automation Group can offer to help get you ready for 2019.

The final rule calls for a comprehensive list of process changes and pollution prevention targeted at reductions in visible flare emissions and releases by pressure release devices (PRDs) and requires continuous fence line monitoring for benzene.  The new requirements also mandate new or increased controls for maintenance and releases that were not regulated previously.

The Big Picture

This blog series will address the following “Big Picture” challenges that companies will face:




A Path Forward

We can help you generate a path forward with actionable items and a checklist to make sure you’re meeting the deadlines which range from now until 2019. This checklist could be organized by source category – vents, flares, tanks, etc. – and can be of benefit when reviewing applicable amendment requirements, compliance gaps and deadlines.

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