Lift Station Solutions – Continuous Level


The next two posts in our Lift Station Solutions blog series will discuss the benefits of continuous level measurement and point level measurement.  As you’ll notice, there are many options available for level measurement. Finding the right choice doesn’t have to be difficult and we are happy to go through the different options with you…

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Lift Station Solutions – Surge Protection

Previously on Lift Station Solutions we discussed the need for proper maintenance. Proper maintenance begins with a thoroughly designed lift station, especially when it comes to protecting the entire system from natural phenomena. Surge protection is a critical piece of any process and should not be overlooked. Proper surge protection can mean saving you from costly power surges, failures, lightning strikes, etc. These natural, and too often, occurrences can wreak havoc on your lift station. Surge protection should be on each incoming and outgoing electrical line, radio, and control piece. It should also be located on each individual instrument when and where applicable. Failure to protect against natural surge issues can be costly to the environment due to potential pressure surge and the utilities’ bottom line from replacing instrumentation and other necessary equipment.


You can see from the below list of solutions, there is a lot of area to cover  in regard to surge protection at a lift station!

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