Lift Station Solutions – Automation and Communication

The ability to communicate with different aspects of a lift station is crucial to proper maintenance. With the right SCADA software and use of wireless data radios to communicate with the control room, a lift station is sure to run smoothly and without major and costly issues from lack of maintenance. The benefits from maintaining a lift station using telemetry and SCADA are numerous and invaluable and include reduced liability from leakage, minimal capital costs, and a better use of personnel’s time.

Automation can make life easier! Response times are critical and the tools we have can provide information in real time to users on-site or remotely in regard to flow rates, radio signals and early detection and diagnosis of issues.

Designed to provide complete, versatile and high availability system solutions for long range wireless data communications in SCADA and remote telemetry applications.



The SCADAPack E-Series provides the power of DNP3 and IEC 60870-5 on a scalable platform. Whether your application requires an RTU with PLC programmability or the added power and performance of a PLC, there is an E-Series controller to meet your requirements: