Hurricane Harvey- One year later

Hard to believe it has already been one year since Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast.  South Texas, Houston  and Southeast Texas (SETX) were hit the hardest.  The resilience of our community and how Texans come together was and is remarkable.  In a time of need of that magnitude our resolve was truly tested.  At Vector, we were extremely fortunate that there were just a few of us that had some damage personally, and our La Porte office was mostly unharmed.  However, while things were down, we hitched trailers traveled to the areas hit by the storm to help out. Just a small token but an emotional experience for our team because there were so many people in need and had…in just a few days…lost everything.

As we all remember where we were and the family member or friend that lost some things or everything that day, it is hard to believe that there are still people in our community displaced.  Keep them in your prayers and hope they have peace soon.

When times are most difficult, we find out a lot about ourselves….we make it through, and we get stronger.  We are one year later….and we are stronger.  Find a way to help someone, who hasn’t made it through yet.  They probably could use some of your strength.  Looking for a local group in Houston to help? Go to Charity Navigator for more information.