Lift Station Solutions – Point Level

The next two posts in our Lift Station Solutions blog series will discuss the benefits of continuous level measurement and point level measurement.  As you’ll notice, there are many options available for level measurement. Finding the right choice doesn’t have to be difficult and we are happy to go through the different options with you…

Finding a solution that fits your needs is well worth the effort! As previously discussed, maintenance costs for pumps that run dry or that overflow can be shocking. Also, getting the right set up can provide you with the right alarms, motor and pump control, and a prolonged lifecycle.

Take a look at what sensors you’re using now or call us to survey your system. We can help you identify what is working and where you’re at risk. 800-969-5678 or

Here is a brief overview of the point level options we have available:

Combining new technology with a familiar device, the is a revolutionary innovation in discrete level detectors. Using fiber optic cable, the Opti-Float® level detector transmits a beam of light from an LED in a remote transceiver down to the float, where the beam makes and breaks depending on the tilt of the float. When the transceiver detects the presence or absence of light, it activates a relay in the transceiver, which can then operate other devices. The transceivers are all dual din rail mounted units that can connect to two floats – one high and one low.




The Liquiphant FTL50 is a compact vibration point level switch offering reliable measurement values, not affected by: changing media properties, flow, turbulences, gas bubbles, foam, vibrations or build-up.