Refinery Sector Rule: Reductions in Flare Emissions – Part 1 of 2



Flares must now meet the following operating conditions:


Continuously lit pilot flame at all times
Williamson IR Pilot Monitors Top of the line pilot monitors available for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Learn more or contact us for a quote!

No visible emissions when flare vent gas is below the smokeless capacity of the flare
12Lenox FireSight Products Besides visual observation using EPA Method 22, Lenox Instrument high-temperature camera systems provide clear, crisp images of the combustion process in boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and other combustion chambers. With the real-time image provided, operators can monitor the proper flow of fuel and raw materials, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, speed up boiler light off, and improve safety.

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Net heating value for the combustion zone gas (NHVcz), ≥ 270 BTU/ft3 on a 15-minute average, estimated using flare vent gas composition monitoring
13 Hobre BTU Analyzer – WIM Compass The WIM Compas™ is used to control the thermal input and air:fuel ratio in such a way that disturbances caused by fuel gas quality fluctuations are minimized, the combustion process occurs with maximum efficiency and emissions are reduced to a minimum. Learn more or contact us for a quote!  

Additional Flare Control
14Endress + Hauser – Proline Prowirl F 200 – Vortex flow meter The Prowirl F measuring tube is the first choice in heavy duty applications. The proven and patented capacitive DSC sensor ensures high precision measured values even under the toughest process conditions. Prowirl F 200 offers wetsteam detection and industry-compliant two-wire technology for seamless integration into existing infrastructures and control systems, as well as high operational safety in hazardous areas thanks to an intrinsically safe design, and a familiar installation procedure.

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Must comply with one of two flare tip velocities:


Flare tip velocity limit of <60ft/sec – Flow rate / cross sectional area
15Fluenta’s 160X Flare Gas Meter Fluenta’s core expertise is flare gas measurement – both hot and cold flaring (venting) – using ultrasonic technology, by far the most accurate means to measure flow. Fluenta’s technology is backed by more than 30 years’ investment in research and development alongside vast expertise of implementation in highly complex environments. The brand NEW 160X flare gas meter features enhanced transducers with benefits including:
  • Extended low and high temperature range coverage (-220ºC to 250ºC)
  • Better signal strength to deliver accurate measurements in bigger pipe diameters and where high levels of CO2 or hydrogen are present
  • Retrofit capabilities to existing flare gas meters for a smooth and fast upgrade to your existing installation

Flare tip velocity <400ft/sec AND < calculated maximum allowed flare tip velocity
16Hobre’s WIM COMPASS Injection Model The WIM COMPASS offers an unmatched, robust solution with high availability, for measuring the most challenging gas samples, such as sour gas and flare gas. Hobré has developed an analyzer especially for these kinds of applications, that injects small amounts of gas into an air stream, typically at intervals of 30 seconds. The oxygen peak size is a direct measure of the air demand and proportional to the heating value (BTU). Learn more or contact us for a quote!  

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