Refinery Sector Rule: Reductions in Flare Emissions – Part 2 of 2



New Rule:

Continuous, but not necessarily real-time, monitoring, to improve the management of fugitive emissions from leaking equipment, wastewater treatment, etc.

Accordion Sample Line-of-Sight gas detectors from Det-Tronics continuously monitor combustible gas levels between two points at ranges of up to 120 meters. Line-of-Sight detectors are often deployed in and around open areas and harsh environments that are typical of an industrial site. This technology is perfect for perimeter monitoring for gas clouds, and it augments point detectors for optimal coverage in large, open areas.   The Det-Tronics next generation FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector sets a new standard for infrared line-of-sight gas detectors with improved optical field of view (±0.8 degree), an advanced housing design, simplified mount, and breakthrough alignment tolerance. Learn more or contact us for a quote!  

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