Level Capacitance Level Sensors

Capacitance Level Sensors


Capacitive level measuring instruments are used for level detection in silos, tanks and bunkers, for both limit detection and continuous measurement, using a technique frequently referred to as Radio Frequency (RF). Capacitance level sensors excel in sensing the presence of a wide variety of solids, aqueous and organic liquids, and slurries. The simple and robust construction (as rod or rope sensor) allows level measurement of liquids, granular solids, conductive and non-conductive media. Capacitance level instruments operate on the basic principle of the variation of the electrical capacity of a capacitor formed by the sensor, the vessel wall and the dielectric material.


Endress + Hauser has 19 different variations of capacitance products, which include Liquipoint, Deltabar, Solicap, Cerebar, Liquicap, Waterpilot, Minicap, Nivector, and Nivotester. Features include, but are not limited to - cost-effective, overfill protection, robust ceramic sensor, hygienic design for the food industry and/or membrane breakage detection. Website