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Sulfur compounds--particularly hydrogen sulfide--in natural gas carry with them a host of problems and considerations for both producer and consumer. Avoiding chronic sulfur-related issues requires reliable online monitoring of total sulfur load in gaseous hydrocarbon streams. The only way to verify the efficiency of sulfur removal processes and ensure satisfaction of customer and environmental needs is to proactively analyze stream composition. The TSA-200 is a fully integrated monitoring solution driven by UV-Vis diode array detection. This solid state instrument is a much more practical than the consumable-laden designs that have historically dominated the market.



The TSA-200 uses conventional pyrolysis techniques for converting all sulfur compounds in the sample to sulfur dioxide. The system uses a high-performance UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure the resulting SO2 concentration, which correlates to total sulfur.

The TSA-200 uses an ultraviolet-visibile (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer to measure the resultant SO2concentration after pyrolysis. This method is known to be highly resistant to false positives; full-spectrum analysis quickly removes erroneous data using averaging algorithms.

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