Water & Waste Water Solutions
Water is a vital resource, and one that we need to manage carefully. Rely on a partner that offers the best measuring devices and solutions, assists you with technical support on site and has an accurate knowledge of the requirements in the water and waste water industry. With Vector Controls, you get high-quality solutions capable of increasing your plant efficiency and optimizing costs.


- Flow, level, pressure, analytical, and temperature instrumentation

- Liquid analytics and monitoring pH ORP CL2NH3 Turbidity

- Biogas flow measurement and aeration control

- Plant asset and Network management

- Turbidity

- PH/ORP Glass

- Disinfection/Chlorine


- Single and 3-Phase UPS's, 500 VA to 160 kVA

- Line-interactive and double conversion systems

- Process instrumentation such as fieldbus and industrial network components

- HMI and visualization

- Surge protection

- Gas analysis and alarm management all designed for use in hazardous areas

- Odor control made easy

- Dry Air Scrubbers

- Vent Filters

- Odor Control Manhole Inserts

- Converting/Polishing Media

- Biological Inoculants

- Odor Control Elements


- Telemetry Solutions

- SCADA and ClearSCADA Solutions

- Wireless Systems

- Wireless Trio Radios


- Multi-path ultrasonic flow measurement

- Flow measurement in full pipe and partially full pipe

- Open Channel Flow without a primary device


- Simple float application with state-of-the-art fiber optic technology


- Fire and Gas Safety Systems

- Premium Flame and Gas Detection

- Hazard Mitigation Systems


- Heat Tracing to protect against freezing


- Pressure Sensing Solutions - Oil and Gas


- VERABAR & ACCELABAR flow elements

- Hot-tappable versions

- Integral and remote DP transmitters

- Water and gases flow metering