Kurz Instruments

Kurz Instruments has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing the finest Thermal Mass Flow Transmitters for industrial gas flow measurement. Headquartered in Monterey, California, their engineers, product development specialists and management have developed flow metering products capable of operating in the harshest of environments. For Over 45 years Kurz has lead the technological advances in Thermal Mass Flow measurement applications by successfully providing solutions to our customers most demanding and difficult applications. Kurz products are used in a wide variety of industrial applications including combustion air, aeration air flow, digester gas, nuclear power plants, flare stack monitoring and compressed air to name only a few. Kurz pioneered the highest temperature ranges, corrosive and erosive process solutions, condensing gas measurement capability, and the fastest signal response available.

Vector CAG Represents Kurz Instruments in the Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma Territories Only

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Kurz Instruments



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