From the marshes and wetlands to the streams to the rivers to the lakes to the oceans, water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface.  Water is essential to mankind’s survival; therefore, water is the most important resources that needs to be properly managed. 

In the water industry, water moves from wells and/or lakes to the treatment plants to the distribution system to the homes.  In the wastewater industry, the water moves from the homes to the collection system to the wastewater treatment plant to the rivers.  Each step in both industries can be complicated as technical equipment is required to properly work to ensure that the water is handled correctly.

Vector Controls and Automation Group along with our business partners are ready to team up with you to reach this objective.  Our experience in the water and wastewater industry comes from years of hands on work in the field and in the plants. From simple applications like a pressure gauge to a complex water analysis system like dissolved oxygen and nitrification control, Vector Controls can help you in the management of any water system.

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