Ball Sector Valves by Schubert & Salzer

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The Ball Sector Valve is designed to succeed in harsh applications; slurries, dry media, fluids with suspended solids or fibers. With pneumatic and electric actuators, it is the best choice for very precise control within a variety of process industries requiring a valve that can handle exacting applications.

The GS valve controls a variety of media, including steam, liquids and gases. A fixed plate or disc is set into a wafer style body with a variety of orifices machined into material. These slots can vary in design, size and configuration which determine the flow coefficient (Cv) and the flow characteristic. A moving disc of similar size and design also has a series of orifices but only one type which represents the highest flow capacity of the particular line size. This disc moves against the plate, creating a straight through flow path for the process media. As the valve modulates flow is broken apart, creating a variable field of area flow which reduces energy and noise. The differential pressure creates a unique seal between the two plates and when in the sealed position an overlap of approximately 1 mm creates a leak tight valve.


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