Application Success – Refining – Flow

Refineries that use liquid phase Raman analyzers typically have a need for a flow meter. The standard flow meter on an analyzer system would be a FCI flow instrument. These devices do not work for low flows. Typically, between 3-20gpm, and on smaller analyzers it could be lower too like 10-20GPH. In addition to the ability to accurately and reliably measure these low flows, one can also strip the secondary, and tertiary variable to get density, and temperature which are important to verify that the sample coming into the analyzer is up to specification.

By being able to offer a full range 4-20mA signal on loop powered meters we give the user a better solution while others only broadcast a 12-20mA output; losing the lower or upper end of the range, depending on set up. If the site is not utilizing HART then they would need use another transmitter to get multiple 4-20mA for flow, density and temperature. Our small footprint and the ability to have a VCO fittings are other reasons the Promass is beneficial.

More information on this flow meter can be found on the Vector website. Contact us if you any have questions regarding flow meters specific to the Oil and Gas industry.