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Partnering with Vector Controls and Automation Group means delivering value for your Instrumentation, Automation, Mechanical and Analytical solutions. Selecting the right technology is about choosing the right product for the right application. Our vast portfolio offers many options. Vector’s experienced engineers and technicians can assist you in solving your tough applications.

Product Portfolio


Vector Controls and Automation group knows how important level measurement is to a variety of industries. Our comprehensive level measurement offering covers both spectrums - point level measurement and continuous level measurement. The process industry can rely on Vector's unmatched ability to bring the most reliable and accurate measurement technologies available.


SOR Controls Group

Process Level Technology



Pressure measurement technologies vary greatly based on need and requirements in regard to different capacities, varying levels of performance and accuracy and the broad range of materials the instrumentation may be made out of. Vector Controls and Automation Group is prepared to examine each situation and offer the best solution, based on your input and desired outcome. We offer many products for primary, secondary and tertiary levels of pressure measurement.


Winters Instruments

SOR Controls Group



Temperature is another common form of measurement that is used as a basis and guideline for evaluating and controlling a process. Vector Controls and Automation Group is able to help customers remain compliant during their processes because of the solutions we have for temperature measurement.


Winters Instruments

SOR Controls Group

Liquid Analysis

Vector Controls & Automation Group has teamed up with Endress+Hauser and ICON Scientific to offer the best in liquid analysis. From world-leading physical property analyzers to high precision instruments, Vector Controls can help you increase product yield, improve product quality and ensure process safety. ICON's world-leading physical property analyzers are designed for a wide range of production, transportation and storage applications for midstream and downstream processing markets. Their revolutionary process analyzers rethink what's possible from physical properties analysis. The Liquiline system from Endress+Hauser enables plug and play and easy upgrades - minimizing the installation effort for your process and water quality applications. Automatic calibration and cleaning as well as the low consumption of reagents save you operating and maintenance costs.


Icon Scientific

Flame & Gas Detection (UV/IR)

Vector Controls & Automation Group knows how important safety measures are, which is why we are proud to carry the best technologies available. Flame and gas safety systems, high temperature cameras, pilot monitors, and other detection equipment are necessities when dealing with all types of toxic gases, combustible gases, VOC and even Oxygen.


Laser Gas Detection

Vector Controls & Automation Group knows how important safety measures are, which is why we are proud to carry the best technologies available. Boreal Laser develops, manufactures, and sells Laser Based Gas Detection Products for both industrial leak detection, ambient monitoring, or process monitoring/control applications all around the world through a network of highly technical distributors.


Flame & Pilot Monitoring

The maintaining of your flares and pilots is a crucial aspect of your process. The side effects of a poor-quality flare or an extinguished pilot can be catastrophic to both your site profitability and the safety of your employees. Therefore, Vector has partnered with the industry leading flame and pilot monitoring manufacturer. We have a wide range of models that are specially made to fit your application and even have customizable solutions available.



A very common solution for temperature measurement are contact devices. However, all too often these devices are inaccurate, too slow, difficult to use, or require frequent replacement, creating process downtime and reducing productivity. Not to mention the danger of manual replacements. For many applications, infrared pyrometers are the perfect solution because they can accurately and reliably measure a target's temperature without contact.



Alerting site personnel of a critical failure or potentially hazardous situation must occur in a quick and efficient way. One of the tools many of our customers use are signals. These units serve to translate electronic signals from instruments into an audible and/or visual signal that site personnel can react to. We have partnered with E2S so that we can offer a wide range of signals that come in all shapes, sizes, colors, with many characteristics.


Heat Trace

Heat tracing is a critical piece of process maintenance for quality, financial and safety reasons, and failure to do so can become costly. By maintaining fluid temperature, heat tracing is used to keep product flowing, pipes from bursting and to prevent potential blockages. Not only are pipes protected when heat trace technology is implemented, but valves, compressors, pumps and other instrumentation are as well.


Compressed Air

It is no surprise that a large portion of sites require some sort of compressed air. With this being a staple need for our customers, we have partnered with Sullair to provide application experts, innovative solutions, and air compressors that are built to last.


Air Dryers

Desiccant dryers lower the dew point of compressed air by adsorbing the water vapor present in the compressed air onto the surface of the desiccant. Adsorption continues until equilibrium is reached between the partial pressure of the water vapor in the air and that on the surface of the desiccant. These dryers continuously process compressed air by using two identical towers, each containing a desiccant bed. While one tower is on-stream drying, the other tower is off-stream being regenerated (reactivated, i.e. dried out). The towers are alternated on and off-stream so that dry desiccant is always in contact with the wet compressed air. In this way a continuous supply of dry air down stream of the dryer is possible. The switching from one tower to the other is controlled by a solid-state controller on either a fixed time basis (standard) or a demand basis (optional).


Valve Automation

Vector Controls and Automation has built a world-class valve division that now encompasses a full offering for control, isolation, regulator and specialty valves, both linear and rotary design. Global brands such as Rotork and SVF Flow Control to name a few, enable us to serve your needs in major markets such as Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Power, Pulp & Paper, Water/Waste Water, Pharma and others. With attention to application details, we can provide valve, actuator, positioner and accessory options in a multitude of configurations to solve your process challenges; everything from general applications, to severe service and Safety Shut Down Systems. Vector has local and global inventories at your disposal, with local assembly and manufacturing capabilities for many products.



Schubert & Salzer

Weighing Systems

Weighing and batching systems are crucial for process industries involving bulk material. Whether you're in recipe processing of chemicals, the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or food packaging - we have the solutions to keep you up and running, compliant and precise. The manufacturers we have partnered with offer solutions for batch weighing, container scales, wide temperature ranges, check weighing, level by weight, and dosing measurement.

Hardy Process Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supply

At Vector Controls we know how important your hardware is. We have the solutions you need for protecting all your electrical equipment, including the best in quality backup power systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply.


Off-Grid Energy

Reliable, off-grid energy is a challenge in any application. Vector has partnered with EFOY Pro Hybrid, who provides systems that are fully autonomous, sustainable, reliable and maintenance free, acheiving off-grid energy solutions capable of handling the harshest environments.



Automation is essential for process improvement and capital savings. By using various control systems for operating equipment or other applications where human interaction is minimized, you're able to streamline and improve efficiency. Vector Controls is committed to solving your most complex automation obstacles. We have many technologies available and we are happy to work with our customers to design complete solutions by utilizing some or all of the technologies listed.

Precision Digital Corporation


Signal Integrity

Signal integrity encompasses a wide ranged offering. It includes protection for antennas which are susceptible to direct lightning strikes and induced surges. Transceivers in remote locations also experience disruption in wireless communication, which this same family of products can help with. Another benefit of this product line is the smoothing or elimination of high-frequency, low energy interference with the use of conditioners.

Phoenix Contact


Communication is a key part of a successful process, especially on the front line where your products are operating. Vector has partnered with Phoenix Contact, creating a more complete offering that increases the degree of automation of your system, as well as a comprehensive range of high-performance interface devices.

Phoenix Contact

AC Drives

Vector CAG partners with Danfoss Drives to provide you the very best water/wastewater AC drive solution. We offer low voltage AC drive options in various sizes and horsepower that meet all of your application needs. An AC drive is a device used to control the speed of an electrical motor in order to; enhance process control, reduce energy usage and generate energy efficiently, decrease mechanical stress on motor control applications and optimize the operation of various applications relying on electric motors. AC drives are also known by various other names such as adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, variable frequency drives(VFD's), variable speed drives, frequency converters, inverters and power converters.


Soft Starters

Vector CAG partners with Danfoss Drives to provide you the very best soft comprehensive range of soft starter solutions. A soft starter is an electronic device that regulates the voltage to the motor and this provides a smooth transition from standstill to full speed operation of the application. A comprehensive solution for soft starting and stopping of three-phase asynchronous motors that increases uptime and reduces maintenance requirements. By integrating soft starters with AC motors, you can save energy, space and costs and increase the lifetime of your system by reducing wear on motors, power cables and the electrical distribution system. And there is no need to consider filters and screened cables, as soft starters generate zero harmonics.


Enclosures & Sunsheilds

In order to fully complete our solutions we offer standard or custom made enclosures and sunsheilds, made for various environments. We want to make sure that the products that we sell are fully protected from the elements.


You’ll notice that we are driven by our passion and spirit with the top industry technical professionals ready to support you for all your process application needs. Our people make the difference and we stand by our commitment to simply be the best. Now that is the value of partnership!

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Vector Controls and Automation Group is a leading manufacturing representative, distributor, and valued partner for your application solution. We have partnered with the top manufacturing brands in the industry to offer complete, turnkey solutions to the marketplace.