Join the Vector Controls and Automation Group for our “Learn From The Experts” educational webinar/video conference sessions. These sessions are an online technical training webinar or video conference and are intended for those that are involved in the automation, instrumentation, mechanical and analytical fields. The complimentary 45 minute training sessions are conducted by Vector CAG personnel and industry and application subject matter experts.

Learn From The Experts

Vector CAG has partnered with the top manufacturing partners in the industry to provide unsurpassed products, solutions and technical service to meet the ever changing industry needs. These sessions are a great opportunity to gain insights and knowledge, learning directly from an industry expert. A Certificate of Attendance can be emailed to all registered attendees following the training session.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Holly Frontier Private Training - SMT-70 Tutorial PLEASE NOTE: This is a private training for Holly Frontier on SMT-70 Tutorial. Please only register for this webinar event if you are part of this group. Thank you!

1. How to connect with different modems. (FXA-195, FXA-291, Power-Express)
2. How to download "Native" DTM's
3. Saving "Config" files

Vector Presenter:
Chris Fournet
Sr. Applications Specialist
Jun 2, 20201:00pm CDT1 hour
Implementing Wireless Communication in Process Applications
• Differences in wireless communication
• Things to think about when selecting a wireless technology
• Application examples of wireless in process applications

Wireless technology is being adopted by a rapidly increasing number of industries, from simple monitoring and control to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Flexibility, simple installation and cost savings give wireless several advantages over traditional cable-based systems. Wireless technology from Phoenix Contact provides highly reliable data communication in harsh and interference-heavy environments. Together, Vector CAG and Phoenix Contact look forward to sharing this perfect industry solution with you!

Vector Host and Moderator
Gene Beebe
South Sales Manager

Phoenix Contact Subject Matter Expert
Justin Shade, CWNA, CWAP, CWSP
Senior Product Marketing Specialist - Wireless

Jun 11, 20201:00pm CDT45 minutes
Reducing Errors and Risk Throughout the SIS Lifecycle
• Do you have an SIS Lifecycle process practices that ensure that systematic errors are detected early before causing an spurious trips or dangerous conditions?
• Do you know the modern smart instrument can help to minimizes systematic errors, enables reliable & simple commissioning and maintenance process?
• Use Cases - systematic error detection on boiler application & fully automated proof testing solution.

A global leader in measurement instrumentation, Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of products, solutions and services for industrial process measurement and automation. Together, Vector CAG and Endress+Hauser look forward to sharing this perfect industry solution with you!

Vector Host and Moderator
Larry Sims
VP Sales Instrumentation and Automation

Endress+Hauser Subject Matter Expert
Howard Siew
Industry Manager Chemical

Customer Guest Speaker, Lin & Associates
Giorgio Palermo
Senior Project Execution Manager
Jun 16, 20201:00pm CDT45 minutes
Optical Flame Detection and Tank Storage
• Speed of Response
• Greater Area of Coverage
• Reliability

Faster detection can mean the difference between suppression and disaster. Most codes and regulations require fire detection at the floating roof seal, where the risk of fire is greatest. While linear heat cables are a traditional detection choice, there is now an alternative technology that offers greater detection speed plus easier installation and less maintenance for Zone 1 and 2 applications. We will discuss this optical flame detection technology in more depth and share why optical detectors — along with gas detectors in controller-run systems —can speed fire detection and help prevent a small flame from turning into a disaster.

Vector Host and Moderator
Chad Nelson
Business Development Manager – Fire and Gas Specialist

Det-tronics Subject Matter Expert
Sean Larson
Regional Sales Manager – Texas/New Mexico
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas (POG)/Hi-Hazard Markets
Jul 9, 20201:00pm CDT1.8 hours
Thermal Mass in Wet Gas!
• Wet gas sensor, why we did it
• Ambient combustion air inlet, a WGF flow meter application
• How it works / Leidenfrost effect
• Competitor comparison
• Other successful installations of the WGF flow meters

Kurz provides flow meter products of outstanding quality and exceptional dependability that exceed the most challenging industry requirements. In dry or wet gas environments, Kurz flow meters define the industry standard for the highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability. Applications that call for general information, exacting accuracy, or system protection rely on Kurz devices for real-time sensor and electronics diagnostics, and dependable temperature compensation. Together, Vector CAG and Endress+Hauser look forward to sharing this perfect industry solution with you!

Vector Host and Moderator
Gene Beebe
South Sales Manager

Kurz Instruments Subject Matter Expert
Tom Setliff
International Sales
Jul 14, 20201:00pm CDT45 minutes
Coriolis: The Process Analyzer in F&B Industry
• How Coriolis mass flow is used to ensure accurate and reliable measurement of Brix, Baume, %alcohol, overrun, % fat etc.
• Technology highlights
• Application examples
• What to expect/overcome challenges

Quality and profitability is directly linked to correct concentration of ingredients or final product in the food & beverage industry. And with growing demands placed on food manufacturing processes, the food & beverage production industry is facing new challenges. We know that the Food & Beverage industry is an integral part of our world operations and provides the necessary goods for customers at this time. Whether you need to upgrade your instrumentation to comply with hygiene regulations and standards, reduce utility costs or monitor critical product parameters, this webinar provides the answers you require. Together, Vector CAG and Endress+Hauser look forward to sharing this perfect industry solution with you!

Vector Host and Moderator
Jeff Hershberger
North Sales Manager

Endress+Hauser Subject Matter Experts
Ola Wesstrom
Industry Manager - Food and Beverage

Adam Booth
Flow Product Marketing Manger
Jul 23, 20201:00pm CDT45 minutes
The Weight is Over! A Better Way to Maintain Your Weighing Systems
• C2 Calibration – Calibration without test weights that is certified, traceable, and meets ISO standards. Lowers services cost and limits exposure to outside service technicians.
• Embedded Web Server – Local or remote connection from any network connect PC or Smart Device browser.
• Integrated Technician – Remote diagnostic tools, safe, fast, and easy to use. No software needed.
• One Mount Precision Sensors – Versatile installation, self-centering with 360 degree checking. No dummy loadcells required!

Hardy is “Keeping it Simple”. Our belief is that simplicity delivers our promise of easy and lowest cost of ownership. We didn’t know COVID-19 was coming when we started manufacturing these weighing systems. They can be calibrated at a push of a button, reducing the need for outside technicians and un-sanitized test weights in your plant. Our systems were designed to reduce service costs, to increase production by reducing down time, and providing our customers with the simplest of tools to make them self-sufficient. It just turned out that reducing service visits also reduces the possibility of COVID-19 exposure. It is a smart solution whose time has come!

Vector Host and Moderator
Brian Sullivan
Account Manager

Hardy Process Solutions Subject Matter Expert
Valentine Sonnier
Territory Sales Manager
Jul 30, 20201:00pm CDT1.8 hours

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