Since 1956, ASTAVA has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation valves for the Oil and Gas, (petro) chemical industries and nuclear power plants. Through its experience in design, engineering and manufacturing ASTAVA has been able to provide its customers with solutions and products that excel in performance and reliability. Progressive and thorough, ASTAVA brings these two concepts together in order to design new and improved products.

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Astava offers a vast line of universal manifolds in many different configurations. They range from needle valves to 5 valve manifolds, with the ability to attach to any manufacturers pressure transmitter, available in the industry. Their design offers a unique seating technology with a ceramic ball (AI2O3) to metal seat. This technology allows for the industry to use Astava’s manifolds in a variety of applications, achieving both the gas-tight seal of a standard soft seated manifold and the longevity of a hard-seated manifold. Astava’s team of Engineers is always open to making custom manifolds to fit any application or retrofitting a manifold in process already.

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Flushing Rings

Flushing Rings

Flushing Ring

Astava Flushing Rings are available in the following types:

  • Welded with weld neck flanges
  • Welded with ball valves

The flushing flange or ring is used for flushing solution combined with diaphragm seals. This type of flushing flange or ring is clamped between process nozzle and diaphragm seal.

  • The flushing ports allow the washing out of particles accumulated in front of the membrane.
  • The pressure chamber can be vented or drained or filled with a cleaning liquid and subsequently flushed, depending on the requirement.
  • Various nominal widths and forms allow adaption to the respective process flange.

Astava can meet X-ray/PMI testing requirements and is always open to working on a custom design for

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Monoflanges are used as an alternative to multi valve systems. These valves are specifically designed to provide a compact installation for gauges or transmitter instruments and can be mounted directly onto a vertical or horizontal flanged connection. With the help of a monoflange, isolation, venting and instrument mounting is possible in a single unit. Monoflange installations help to reduce the weight of the earlier conventional method of installation. As the height of the installation is reduced, the risk of damage at times of vibration is also reduced.

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Enclosures & Sunshields

Enclosures & Sunshields

GRP Enclosures

GRP Enclosures

Astava manufactures a range of full instrument housing in 316SST or GRP. Standard color is black, with
stainless steel clamps and hinges. Options as window, insulation, color and custom-built sizes are all
possible at Astava’s factory.

Sunshades can provide a high degree of protection to field equipment at very low cost. Sunshades can
shield instrumentation from excess temperature rises that might cause a drift in measurement accuracy
(and impact reliability), as well as rain, snow, dust and accidental impact.

  • Over 40 designs for 2” pipe, flanged and direct mounted solutions


  • Glass Reïnforced Polyesther (GRP)
  • AISI316

Design standards:

  • Anti-static
  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant


  • Flanged bracket solutions (thermowell’s)

Customer standards:

  • SHELL mesc compliant
  • Colored/painted
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